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PHU Pablo & Pablo Distribution | International importer and exporter of garlic | Leszcze 44a, 28-400 Pińczów

PHU Pablo is implementing a co-financed project
from European Funds and the National Reconstruction Plan.

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13 000 m3 of cold store | 4 800 m2 of warehouse space | 2 Distribution centers in Poland | Own transport | Export throughout Europe

We are one of the largest garlic distributors in this part of Europe.

We have several years of experience and advanced infrastructure, including modern cold stores, designed and adapted for the effective distribution of the highest quality garlic.

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Global distributor
Global exporter

We support local producers by conducting seasonal purchases of our domestic garlic.

We import garlic only from suppliers that meet the strictest EU standards. Each purchase is confirmed with an appropriate GlobalGap certificate. We do not only distribute garlic on the domestic market, but also export it abroad, focusing on quality and reliability. We invite all wholesale sellers, including supermarkets, shopping centers and other entities interested in our products, to cooperate with us.

Our wide distribution network guarantees freshness and excellent quality. Join our group of trading partners.


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