Polish garlic – Harnaś

Garlic availability – All year.


Winter variety is best known and appreciated in Poland by consumers for its taste, as well as aromatic and health-promoting properties.

Harnaś garlic accounts for over 90% of Polish crops. Farmers primarily appreciate it for its high frost resistance, disease resistance and fertility. It can be well stored in normal weather conditions outside cold store, even until October.

Purple-brown bulbs ranging from 45 to 70 mm in size. Large, tightly fitting cloves with brown-purple peel, 7-10 cloves in the bulb.

October is the planting period and the end of June is harvesting time. Depending on the region of Poland, the harvesting may be delayed even up to 2 weeks, e.g. in the Hrubieszów region.

The main cultivation area is located in two voivodeships – the southern part of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (Pińczów, Busko, Kazimierza Wielka counties) and the northern part of Lesser Poland Voivodeship (Proszowice, Miechów and Cracow counties).

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